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    A life long artist to the core, Jeremy Paskell has been making Art since he could hold a crayon. He first heard, the term "Artist" at the age of 9, and from that point forward he told all the other kids he was going to be an artist when he grew up.
    In school he found himself in trouble often for drawing in class and doodling on most of his hand in assignments.   Remembering back there was a  day in the fifth grade, Jeremy‚Äôs principal and art teacher visited his class. Jeremy was certain he was in trouble for all the drawing and doodling, instead when they called him up to the front of the class they presented him with a wide variety of drawing supplies instead. By the time Jeremy was in high school he was assistant to the art teacher.

    Understanding how someone can change the life of a young artist by acknowledgment, it was even then at that early age Jeremy took to heart the importance of learning to value, support and encourage his peers art, a gift that has stayed with him his whole life.

    Beyond high school, Jeremy lived in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. He had his hands in a multitude of art mediums, while also having had the opportunity to work with incredible artists.

    From photographing names like Zachary Quinto, Kid Rock, and Michael K Williams, to working set design, and even getting the opportunity to get his hands in to textile design with names like Zaldy Goco and Gwen Stefani. Jeremy has seen successful in all of his mediums of art, though his passion lies in his roots of pleasure, with all of these experiences under his belt, his true love remains drawing, sketching, and painting.

    Jeremy continues to explore all forms of art with tremendous passion, encouraging anyone and everyone to engage in their own artistic flow. Seeing ART as more than an expression, but a way in which to heal the heart, mind, and maybe even our world.

    Other artists that Jeremy has collaborated with include: John Lohse, Garo Sparo, Jason Saunders, Shawn Patrick Anderson & many more.

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